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The story

My Fish Poster

Med en skandinavisk - og minimalistisk - tegnet streg sigter vi efter at give lystfiskere den fineste fiskekunst. Det gælder både skræddersyede portrætter af dit livs fisk og selvfølgelig allerede eksisterende kunstværker lavet af nogle af verdens dygtigste fiskekunstnere. Vi så, at forskellige kulturer og kunstarter var spredt ud i forskellige hjørner af verden, og det ville vi gøre noget ved. Med My Fish Poster er det vores vision at samle de bedste og mest passionerede fiskekunstnere på ét sted.

Velkommen hos My Fish Poster.

About us

Whos behind?

We are anglers ourselves, and we therefore know that angling is much more than just catching fish. It is a lifestyle and a passion filled with good memories, friendships and nature experiences.

We believe that through minimalist fishing art we can immortalize fish memories and drag the angling out of the shed and into the living room. That we can set up conversations about angling at home and generally increase awareness of the passion we all share.

With fishing art, we can get a small part of the fishing memories up on the wall so we can enjoy the good moments at the water's edge - every day.


Environmental awareness is a matter of course

We know that a healthy aquatic environment is essential for a healthy fish stock. That is why we also make sure that our products are produced in an environmentally friendly way, so that we reduce waste of materials and unnecessarily long shipping. Therefore, you can also expect the following when you shop with us:

- High quality that ensures long life
- Paper from responsible forestry
- Local production that reduces transport < br /> - Print-on-demand that reduces material waste

Fish history

Hear Nicklas talk about his dream fish