Norwegian dream salmon finally became a reality

Malthe Wisler has been fishing salmon in Norway for 12 years with her father, and over time it has turned into many fine salmon on the fly gear, but never a specimen over the magic limit of 10 kg. Fortunately for Malthe, it turned out that on this trip - and out of the blue - he was lucky.

On July 2, 2020, it happened to Malthe Wisler that every salmon fisherman dreams of when they go on a fishing trip to Norway - a large salmon caught the fly.

The big day, however, began with a slightly depressed mood, as Malthe had thrown a really nice salmon the day before. On top of that, the weather had changed from warm and delicious to cooler and dull, so Malthe's expectations for the rest of the trip to Norway were not high - he thought he had had his chance and wasted it. But out of the blue - and in a short throw at the "bad" end of the pool - something happened.

12 kg. and 110 cm.

The pool where the fish chopped was deep and at the end of the pool there was a long rocky stream with lots of strong current water. Malthe was aware that if the fish first set course down through the streak, it was lost. It was therefore a matter of keeping the fish on a short leash.

”The tactic was to keep the fish in the pool, but it took some long runs over to the opposite bank, and every time it stopped, I got it fought back again with my walk the dog technique, which I learned from my father , ”Says Malthe.

Malthe has on a previous fishing trip to Norway lost a salmon of +15 kg., where they even grabbed the tail of it, so there was full focus on that this time it should succeed. And it did. 12 years of hunting the dream salmon was finally a reality when they managed to land the fish after a relatively undramatic fight.

”It was bigger than I thought. I might have thought it was a 7-8kg salmon. It turned out, however, to be a male salmon 110 cm and 12 kg. It was just full redemption and really nice, as it was a huge goal for me - and looked at the fly rod. "

A memorable experience

It was a great experience for Malthe to finally reach the goal, and he therefore wanted to immortalize it with a poster in the right proportions.

”It's a lot about being reminded of the experience every time you look up at the wall. I have also taken a piece of wood from the river, where I have put the fly in, which is below the picture. The poster hangs inside the living room, and it's clearly what catches people's eyes when they come to visit - so it's mega fat, ”says Malthe about her MyFish poster that adorns the home.

”Where people are surprised is when I say it's in the 1: 1 aspect ratio. Then people suddenly understand that it is a big fish ”.

Facts: What is the walk the dog technique?


Walk the dog technique is basically about keeping a continuous, soft pressure on the fish as it announces swimming upstream. It is also an advantage to go backwards instead of using the wheel, as the salmon can feel the vibrations from the wheel. If you succeed with the walk the dog technique, the salmon will feel that it is being guided up through the stream, and it therefore follows almost by itself.

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