A 72 centimeter fish memory from Rinkenæs Bay now hangs as a poster in the kitchen

For Morten Frederiksen, 25 years of sea trout fishing culminated one morning in February 2021, when a large, colored sea trout bit on. We've talked to Morten to get his account of the day he caught the dream fish.

It was a mild winter day in February with almost no wind. Morten Frederiksen, who lives in Southern Jutland, had time off from work, and it should of course be used with a few hours by the water.

Normally Morten fishes with a fly, but this morning he had taken the spinning rod to Rinkenæs Bay and mounted a small spinner at the end of the line. And that should prove to be a good decision. For a short time inside the fishing trip, Morten saw something big out in the water.

”After about 15-20 minutes, I saw a fish that appeared in the water, and I could see that it was not quite small. I did not really expect it to want anything, but it got a few throws and all of a sudden it just said cookie, "says Morten.

Dream fish in shallow water

Morten's dream fish had taken the small spinner bass of about 50-70 centimeters of water, and then the fight broke loose otherwise. The fish kept cruising along the bottom, and naturally Morten was afraid to put too much pressure on the fish for fear of losing it.

”It was very heavy and did not really want to reach the surface, but instead it kept pushing itself down to the bottom. I could hear the spool just running away and I kept thinking just do not lose it, just do not lose it . It felt like forever when you stand there, but I think the fight lasted 10-15 minutes, "says Morten about the whole experience when the fish chopped.

Fortunately, Morten had nets with him, and then the fish - which measured 72 centimeters and weighed 4.6 kg. Lay safely and well in the net, chaos was replaced by happiness intoxication:

”It can soon not be described. I felt a special intoxication - or feeling of freedom in my body. It all just ran around, and once the fish was in the net, I was completely up and running. ”

The memory was immortalized with a poster

As Morten himself says, there are some who get a fish of that caliber every year, but it is certainly not everyday food for him. Therefore, he also wanted to make something extraordinary out of the experience.

”The idea behind the poster was to get a memory. Now I have been fishing sea trout for 25 years and I have never caught one that was so big. So I thought it should just be immortalized somehow. The alternative to the poster was to have a picture of the fish scaled up, but I wish it was a little extraordinary.

Morten's MyFish poster hangs in the kitchen above the dining table, and he's happy with the result.

”Getting an artist to draw a poster is at least a little more peppery than this, and then I think it was a really cool solution, so I should try. I have no regrets. ”

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